David Bacher
22 × 27,5 cm
ca. 160 pages
ca. 100 photos
English, German, French
ISBN 978-3-903101-65-4
September 2019


Over the past 15 years, David Bacher has roamed the streets of Paris and New York City, always on the lookout for unexpected moments that capture the soul of both cities. It is a kind of treasure hunt, where viewers can discover and interpret Paris and New York in amusing, yet reflective, ways. The images often mirror each other and just as often it is not immediately clear in which city a photograph was taken. Carole Naggar’s introduction describes David Bacher’s approach, rooted in the tradition of many classic street photographers who have worked in Paris and New York City. She compares his work with William Klein, Henri Cartier Bresson, Elliot Erwitt and others.


David Bacher

was born in the USA to an American mother and an Austrian father. An internship with VII photo agency brought him to Paris in 2004. He fell in love with the city and began to take pictures in the streets in his spare time. Bacher’s work is commissioned by magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, New York Times or Wall Street Journal. His work has recently collected numerous prizes: National Geographic France/Air France Photo award, International Photography Award, Smithsonian Institution Photo contest, PX3.