Noël Quidu, Cyril Drouhet 
24 × 30 cm
ca. 200 pages
ca. 100 photos
French, English, German
Hardcover, bound in linen, 
„French Fold“-jacket
ISBN 978-3-903101-67-8
September 2019


In times of war, all restraints collapse and people are swept up in a wave of hatred, violence and fear. Many invoke fervently a one and only, true, almighty, infallible God. But where amidst this bloodlust frenzy can he be found, this one and only God who represents peace? This book throws light on the period from the dissolution of the Soviet Union until today. 30 YEARS SHAPED BY WAR. It delivers an unsparing picture of all the madness that people are capable of who carry their convictions like a banner before them. These photographs show us the possible consequences of political, economic and religious decisions. They reflect the arbitrary behaviour of those who steer the fate of whole nations. The International Court of Justice, which large powers have given themselves, is losing membership states and is beginning to resemble a holding company pursuing well understood interests. Horror and destruction drive millions of people to flee to Europe, which appears to them as a paradise, a paradise that in turn looks at this phenomenon with suspicion while becoming a target of Islamist attacks itself. So it is going round in circles.


Cyril Drouhet

is a historian, passionate journalist and director of photography at Le Figaro Magazine, as well as curator of the Festival Photo La Gacilly, the largest outdoor photography festival in Europe, which attracts more than 350 000 visitors each year. Until 2002 Drouhet was director of news agency Gamma, where he worked closely with Noël Quidu.

Noël Quidu

is a major French photojournalist. He is self-taught and has been a long-standing member of Gamma agency. Noël Quidu has reported from almost any conflict zone in the world: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, former Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Albania, Israel, Palestine, Rwanda, Congo, Chad, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Liberia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Ukraine or Pakistan. He is a three-times winner of the World Press Photo Award.