25 Jahre der Standard

German Photo Book Award NOMINATED 2014

Matthias Cremer 
Oscar Bronner, Gregor Auenhammer, Wolfgang Weisgram
29,5 x 30,5 cm, 252 pages, 223 images
ISBN 978-3-901753-62-6
October 2013

25 Jahre der Standard

In 1988 Oscar Bronner founded the independent daily newspaper der Standard. 19 October 1988, the date of its first issue, changed the Austrian media scene fundamentally. Der Standard meant not only a substantive but also a visual paradigm shift. The visual language of the Standard changed the appearance of the national newspaper scene quite radically and for good, and is essentially the work of Matthias Cremer, among others. His pictures were different - more lively, more narrative, making readers smile or pause. He would begin his photographic work before politicians or dignitaries of state would start their prepared speeches, sought out his motifs before the obligatory gathering for the group photograph, took down the in-between and the often telling departure, photographed the well-known faces of this world as well as subtle human occasions. For his critics he always had a tongue-in-cheek answer by quoting Cartier-Bressons, “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”. The volume presents a characteristic selection of pictures from 25 years of Austrian newspaper history, taken by a master of his art. 


Gregor Auenhammer

was born in 1966. He studied history, philosophy and psychology at Vienna University. Joined the Standard in 1988; head of production planning and reviewer, focusing on contemporary history, art and photography. Since 2005 responsible for the book series Köpfe des Jahres. 2011: editor of the monograph Unseen Strangers on artist Paul Nestlang. 2012: Die Entdeckung Österreichs in 100 Objekten: a broad survey in search of the country’s soul in the manner of a review section. 2013: Nicht auf die Größe kommt es an: instances of the magnificent and the surprising in dealing with the typically atypical, from and on Austria.

Matthias Cremer

was born in Vienna in 1956 and has been working as a photographer since 1983. In that year, while studying at the University for Applied Arts, he began to work with Erich Lessing, a cooperation that has left a strong mark on his photographic development. He works for magazines like Der Falter or Time Magazine as well as for several book publishers. His book Donaukanal reaped awards in the Leipzig rankings ‘Most Beautiful Austrian Books’ and ‘Most Beautiful Books from Around the World’. In 1984 he received a working stipend of the Vienna Cultural Office. In 1986 his photographs were shown in a special exhibition at the Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien. Matthias Cremer had a major part in setting up the photographic editorial team of daily newspaper der Standard and has worked there as press photographer since. Won the Austrian Press Photography Award in 1992. Started a photo blog in 2005 that has been very successful, with more than 11 million viewings to date, see Cremers Photoblog.

Oscar Bronner

was born in Haifa, Palestine, in 1943. He is the Founder of the news magazines trend and profil and editor of the daily newspaper der Standard, which he also founded.

Wolfgang Weisgram

was born in 1957. A Standard editor, writing about anything under the sun and on Burgenland. Also writes books (recently: Im Inneren der Haut. Matthias Sindelar und sein papierenes Fußballerleben.).