Book presentation ’25 Jahre DER STANDARD’ in the Austrian parliament

On 18 November 2013 the volume Matthias Cremer – 25 Jahre DER STANDARD was presented in a room of the Austrian parliament. After the welcoming address by the presiding officer of the Austrian parliament, Barbara Prammer, the editor of the Standard newspaper, Oscar Bronner, publisher Lois Lammerhuber and author Gregor Auenhammer presented photographer Matthias Cremer and his momentous oeuvre that spans 25 years of contemporary Austrian history.

This was followed by a conversation between Erich Lessing, the doyen of Austrian photography, Gregor Auenhammer and Matthias Cremer in front of 250 invited guests about photography and nothing else and how it all began, 25 years ago, when the daily der Standard  first appeared on 18 October 1988. 

The photographic volume Matthias Cremer – 25 Jahre DER STANDARD was published by Edition Lammerhuber in a limited and signed edition of 1,000 copies and includes a preface by Oscar Bronner as well as texts by Gregor Auenhammer and Wolfgang Weisgram. It has already been nominated at the prestigious German Photo Book Award 2014 in Stuttgart. 

Matthias Cremer was born in Vienna in 1956 and started working as a photographer in 1983. His collaboration with Erich Lessing greatly influenced his development as a photographer. He has worked with magazines like Falter and Time Magazine as well as for various book publishers. Cremer was the head picture editor in the newly founded daily Der Standard and instrumental in building up its photographic team. He himself has been working as press photographer for that paper since 1988. In 1992 he won the Austrian Press Photography Award. In 2005 Matthias Cremer started Cremers Photoblog  which has had more than 11 million hits to date.

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