Matthias Cremer

Matthias Cremer was born in Vienna in 1956 and has been working as a photographer since 1983. In that year, while studying at the University for Applied Arts, he began to work with Erich Lessing, a cooperation that has left a strong mark on his photographic development. He works for magazines like Der Falter or Time Magazine as well as for several book publishers. His book Donaukanal reaped awards in the Leipzig rankings ‘Most Beautiful Austrian Books’ and ‘Most Beautiful Books from Around the World’. In 1984 he received a working stipend of the Vienna Cultural Office. In 1986 his photographs were shown in a special exhibition at the Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien. Matthias Cremer had a major part in setting up the photographic editorial team of daily newspaper der Standard and has worked there as press photographer since. Won the Austrian Press Photography Award in 1992. Started a photo blog in 2005 that has been very successful, with more than 11 million viewings to date.