Michael Nichols
38,5 × 25,5 cm
320 pages, 222 images
Hardcover, bound in linen,
Laminated cover photo
Fine Art Print
ISBN 978-3-903101-75-3
September 2020

EUR 125,00 – only available at booksforfriends.photo


The book was edited and designed by Nick Nichols himself. His photos are arranged in order of creation for the Magnum agency and later for National Geographic. From 1980 to 2018, almost 40 years of top photography. The result is exactly the book that Nick "has dreamed of all his life as a photographer". Without any compromise. Ultimate. In oversized landscape format, 320 pages. 240 photographs - his very best. Without texts, Nick Nichols lets his photos "speak". Accompanied by a special edition print. A book for himself and his friends, a Book for Friends.

Some see him as the Indiana Jones of photography. To others, he is the man who made wildlife photography what it is today. To many, he is simply the best photographer in his field. Having announced his retirement at the age of 66, Michael “Nick” Nichols is without exaggeration a photojournalism icon. Before joining National Geographic and producing his 25 reports for the magazine, he collaborated with famed Magnum agency. A single objective has stuck with him from the very start of his career: to capture the wildest landscapes on our planet, and the creatures that call them home. Working in full immersion, he would spend months getting up-close and personal with the animals, their families, their behaviour and habitats.    

From his collaborative project with famous anthropologist Jane Goodall to his east-to-west African crossing with ecologist Mike Fay, Nick Nichols’ work has always been carried out in the name of protecting our planet’s wildlife. An incredibly rich body of work, somewhere between photography, journalism, science and technology. How do you manage to get so close to the animals? is the question Nick Nichols is most often asked by members of the public. It’s simple. Sometimes, I’m not even there at all, he laughs. And true enough, in this non-exhaustive retrospective sectioned into four over-arching chapters dedicated to one of the La Gacilly photo festival’s most faithful friends, many of the images were taken by camera-trap. These perfectly harmless systems give the photographer total geographic freedom. I had to teach my camera to do my thinking for me and without me, things like how to adapt to changes in light…

Nichols’ work has attracted many awards, including World Press Photo Award, Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, Sony World Photography Award … TIME magazine called his picture Surfing Hippo “one of the most influential images of all time”.

From his work on the lions of the Serengeti and the chimpanzee report he collaborated on with Jane Goodall (immortalised in an absolutely iconic photograph) to his study of Sita and Charger the Indian tigers, this book showcases Nick Nichols’ incredible journey, a career that has more in common with an adventure novel than anything else. Meticulous camera work lies at the heart of some of the most beautiful (and sometimes astonishing) photographs that shows our planet and its wildlife at their most natural, free from artifice, raw, dangerous, fascinating and so fundamentally untameable.

„This book is to be displayed and left open 
to a page that sings for a time. 
It is as if I had made 240 limited edition prints 
of my career and had given them to all of you … 
this is truly meant as a BOOK for FRIENDS.“

Michael Nichols


Books for Friends is a unique ordering system for lifetime achievement books, retrospectives, long-term projects or topics of excellence. Only top-level photographers are invited to found a club of the who’s who in documentary/reportage/street/fine art photography. These books are available ONLY via this very direct and personal distribution system. No bookstores, no museum shops, no middlemen. Together with the publisher the photographers create the book they have always dreamt of realizing. It is ultimately their book – no compromises at all. 

All copies of the whole print run were signed by Michael Nichols and include a special edition letter-sized print (8.3″×11″ / 21×28cm). You can choose from three images.

The first book from the series Books for Friends – WILD by Michael Nichols – can be ordered here: booksforfriends.photo


The book will be accompanied by a fantastic, 550 square meter large exhibition in the Natural History Museum Vienna.

Fotografien von Michael „Nick“ Nichols

8. Juli – 4. Oktober 2020
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien