SESSIONS - Fetisch in Deutschland

Art Directors Club Germany
Moscow International Foto Awards Honorable Mention
German Photo Book Award NOMINATED 2016
Nominated Lead Awards 2015
One Eyeland Photography Awards 2015 BRONZE

Florian Müller
Nora Gantenbrink
22,5 x 27,5 cm
160 pages, 68 photographs
English, german 
Hardcover, bound in linen, open spine
ISBN 978-3-901753-95-4
September 2015

SESSIONS - Fetisch in Deutschland

“You have to imagine human desires as a sea of multicoloured marbles. Impossible to count them all. And you keep finding one that you did not know before.” Nora Gantenbrink

In his book SESSIONS photographer Florian Müller takes us on a journey across Germany and advances to the core, to primeval desires and needs of the human existence. The general image of fetishist sexuality is dominated by violent fantasies, latex and leather, but the real diversity is much greater. Müller’s pictures are only black and white at first glance. If you look closely, you notice shades of grey and other nuances. He worked on the so-called Candy Crush Project for several years, an unusual photographic work on fetishism in Germany. He encountered people often thought of as ‘perverse’. But no one in this volume wanted to be denounced as ‘sick’ or be socially stigmatized. For them their individual fetish allowed them a more fulfilled life, some claimed to have found ‘themselves’ in this way. Sometimes it took weeks before they trusted him and let him in on their so-called sessions, their sexual games. Florian Müller did not abuse their trust. He took the people in front of his camera seriously, did not serve any clichés. His pictures are not revolting, but close, almost tender. When a domina embraces her guest. When an early retiree finds fulfilment in a vacuum bed. When a man who likes to take on the role of a horse turns totally calm. Müller says: “Most sessions are shockingly harmless. What the people whose stories are shown in my pictures have in common is a meaningful quest for elementary human needs, such as freedom, warmth and comfort, maybe even happiness.”


Florian Müller

Florian Müller studied photography at Hochschule Hannover. His work SESSIONS won him the Prix de la Photographie Paris and an award from the Art Directors Club Germany.

Nora Gantenbrink

Nora Gantenbrink studied Politics, History and Communication in Münster and visited the Henri Nannen School of Journalism in Hamburg with internships at Berliner Zeitung, ZEIT, SPIEGEL ONLINE, and SPIEGEL. Since 2013 she works as a reporter for STERN magazine. She also writes literary short stories. She lives in Hamburg, St. Pauli.