Goldener Hahn Award 2010

Günter Köck, Werner E. Piller
Photos: Lois Lammerhuber
24 x 32 cm, 408 pages, 323 photos
hardbound in a slipcase
ISBN: 978-3-901753-13-8, May 2009


30 leading research projects of the Austrian Academy of Sciences on the subjects Alps, environment, geology, water and climate were chosen to illustrate the fascination and importance of research in an opulent volume. The scientists and researchers were interviewed about their projects, and Lois Lammerhuber presents their findings in amazing photos. The book was produced by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. It is based on an idea by biologist Günther Köck and geologist Werner Piller and was implemented in close cooperation with Lois Lammerhuber.

Georg Grabherr, Dieter Gutknecht, Herbert Mang, Werner E. Piller, Franz Ziegler, Arne Arnberger, Burkhard Berger, Ronald Blab, Günter Blöschl, Jens Boenigk, Axel Borsdorf, Christiane Brandenburg, Rainer Brandner, Ewald Brückl, Fritz K. Brunner, Martin Coy, Stefan Dullinger, Josef Eberhardsteiner, Karl-Heinz Erb, Brigitta Erschbamer, Franz Essl, Martin Fera, Niko Filipovic, Josef Fürst, Hubert Gassner, Simone Gingrich, Michael Gottfried, Gregor Götzl, Georg Grabherr, Helmut Haberl, Helmut Habersack, Isolde Hausner, Hubert Holzmann, Christian Köberl, Gerfried Koch, Günter Köck, Karl Krainer, Leopold Krystyn, Klaus Motschka, Gerald Muralt, Hans Peter Nachtnebel, Harald Niederstätter, Walther Parson, Harald Pauli, Franz Prettenthaler, Roland Psenner, Friedrich Reimoser, Robert Schabetsberger, Roland Schmidt, Wolfgang Schöner, Hans Peter Schönlaub, Michael Staudinger, Thomas J. Suttner, Otto H. Urban, Nadja Vetters, Michael Wagreich, Wolfgang Willner, Richard Zink, Margit Zohmann
Edited by: Andreas Schwab


Günter Köck

is a biologist at Innsbruck University. Since 1997, he has been director of the Austrian-Canadian “High Arctic” research cooperation. He has been coordinating the national and international research programmes of the ÖAW since 2004. Köck is Austrian delegate to the MAB-International Coordinating Council (MAB-ICC) and member of the Scientific Council of the regional UNESCO office in Venice.

Lois Lammerhuber

is a photographer and publisher. His close collaboration with GEO Magazine started in 1984, continues to this day, and has greatly influenced his approach to photography. His pictures have been published in hundreds of books and magazines and earned him international awards, including three times the Graphis Photo Awards for the world’s best photo report of the year. He joined the Art Directors Club New York in 1994. In 1996 he set up Edition Lammerhuber publishing house. In 2014 he received the Republic of Austria’s Cross of Honour, First Class, for Science and Art, followed in 2017 by the Golden Medal of Honour for Services to the City of Vienna, the Prize for Special Merit for Representative and Media Art by the City of Baden and the Grand Medal of Honour for Services to the Province of Lower Austria. In 2018 he became Director of the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo.

Werner E. Piller

is Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology at the University of Graz. His research spans fields ranging from taxonomy, palaeoecology and palaeoceanography, biogeography, stratigraphy to molecular biology. He has published numerous scientific papers, books and journal issues. He is a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Chair of the Austrian National Committee of Geosciences and the Austrian National Committee of Geo/Hydro­ Sciences, and President of the Regional Committee of Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy.