Photography finds home in renovated Parliament Austria

The Austrian Parliament is a building like a walk-in sculpture. A building that, since its reopening, has also become a venue for photography. An initiative by Lois Lammerhuber has led to the furnishing of the auditorium with two exhibitions: ZEITZEUGEN and GLOBAL PEACE PHOTO AWARD.

The Auditorium in the Austrian Parliament is the room in which the majority of all parliamentary press conferences will take place in the future. Lois Lammerhuber has located photography at this interface between politics and the public, each 10 meters long. Both exhibitions are an understanding of democracy cast in pictures. A memorial for the comprehension of history. A place of remembrance of a very special quality. Representatively open to everyone. Identity-forming.

The exhibition ZEITZEUGEN is dedicated to the history of photojournalism with 51 impressive works by world-famous photographers. On display are visual documents from 108 years of world events that have written Austrian and international history and have become an integral part of the collective world memory. The exhibition pays tribute to photographers who have documented why our world has become the way we live it today and who have been able to visualize complex interrelationships in individual images. With their works, they have changed our view of the world. Their pictorial narratives have condensed events and become symbolic icons of history. The exhibition Contemporary Witnesses provides evidence that photography is our modern human memory. This exhibition presents works from the Lammerhuber Collection.

The photographers:
Walter Tausch, Rudolf Koppitz, U.S. National Archives, Lewis Hine, Giuseppe Enrie, Robert Capa, Dorothea Lange, Charles Hoff, Yevgeny Chaldey, Joe Rosenthal, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Richard Peters, Franz Votava, Margaret Bourke-White, U.S. Army Photographic Signal Corps, Ernst Haas, Art Sasse, George S. Zimbel, André Villers, Franz Votava, Erich Lessing, Franz Hubmann, Klaus Lennartz, Barbara Pflaum, Mary Ann Moorman, Associated Press, Harold E. Edgerton, Lennart Nilsson, Christian Skrein, Thomas Höpker, Philip Jones Griffiths, Marc Riboud, Stefan Moses, Edwin E. Aldrin, Nick Út, Rudi Semotan, Annie Leibovitz, Peter Kurz, Steve Helber, Michael Nichols, Gerhard Sokol, Lukas Beck, Gerhard Hinterleitner, Gerd Ludwig, Lois Lammerhuber, Jonathan Bachman, Stefan Boness

The GLOBAL PEACE PHOTO AWARD exhibition recognizes photographers whose images capture the human quest for a peaceful world and the search for the beautiful and good in our lives. The award goes to those photographs that best express the idea that our future lies in peaceful coexistence. The Global Peace Photo Award honors those images that tell of success, not failure. Of empathy, not hate. Of what is worth preserving instead of destroying. Of encouragement instead of agony. He pleads for a kind of human right to beauty.

The prize was established in Vienna in 2013 to commemorate Alfred Hermann Fried, the Austrian pacifist, writer and founder of the magazine Die Waffen nieder! who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911 together with Tobias Asser. Tobias Michael Carel Asser was the organizer of the first International Hague Peace Conference and initiator of the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

The Global Peace Photo Award was conceived by Lois Lammerhuber, initiated together with Werner Sobotka and is organized in partnership with the Austrian Parliament, the Association of Parliamentary Editors, UNESCO, International Press Institute (IPI), the German Youth Photo Award, the World Press Photo Foundation, POY LATAM, LensCulture, Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), the Photographic Society (PHG) and Edition Lammerhuber.

The award ceremony will be presided over by the President of the Austrian Parliament. The highlight is a ceremonial speech by the Nobel Peace Prize laureate of the respective year.

For more info, please visit the new website of the Austrian Parliament:

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