Edition Lammerhuber was voted Best Publisher for the third time in a row

„An extraordinary publisher that captures unsung stories and presents them without stereotypes or inhibitions,“ argued the international jury at the FEP Book Prize 2017. For the third time in a row Edition Lammerhuber was voted Best Publisher.

Preisverleihung in Catania, 2. April 2017: Adriano Scognamillo (Juryvorsitzender), Lois Lammerhuber, KommR Andreas Barylli

On Sunday, 2 April 2017, the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP), the European confederation of national professional bodies of photographers from 29 countries, presented the European Book Prize of the Year Awards. A high-ranking international jury, headed by Italian photographer Adriano Scognamillo, chose the best photo books from entries across Europe. Every two years the event is held in a different member country. This year the illustrious crowd of professional photo-enthusiasts met in Catania, Italy.

“We are especially pleased about our authors winning in three out of six categories. Such a prestigious award is a wonderful confirmation of their excellence,” said a delighted Lois Lammerhuber at the award ceremony.

Die winning books

  • Category portrait: In Love with Photography by Volker Hinz, with a text by Peter-Matthias Gaede 
  • Category landscape: Fields of Battle – Lands of Peace by Michael  St. Maur-Sheil 
  • Category reportage: White Ebony by Patricia WillocqCopacabana Palace by Peter Bauza, Towards the Horizon by Emil Gataullin

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