I want to disappearnew

Mafalda Rakoš
Harriet Vrana
Elizabeth McGlynn
17 x 21,5 cm
208 pages, 170 photos
German version available here
Hardcover, bound in linen
ISBN 978-3-903101-46-3
November 2017

I want to disappear

Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating are on the increase across the world. According to the US Renfrew Foundation, 70 million people suffer from an eating disorder. Numerous studies confirm that the risk of falling victim to such a disorder is highest for girls and young women in western industrial nations. Even so, stigma and denial surround the disorder, its causes and consequences, and the topic is still kept out of social discourse. Mafalda Rakoš has accompanied her protagonists for years and, in close cooperation with everyone involved, brought them together in this book. Intimate portraits, memories and experiences of sufferers allow insights into the personal conflicts, disruptions and insecurities at the root of these disorders. One thing quickly becomes clear: eating disorders are certainly no sign of weakness. And you are definitely not alone in it.


⁣Mafalda Rakoš

born in 1994, studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and also took a degree in cultural and social anthropology. Her work is situated at the interface of anthropological, artistic and journalistic approaches and often takes up social issues and their impact. Her work has been critically acclaimed

Athens Photo Festival Dummy Award (Shortlisted)
Photobookaward der Royal Society of Photography, London (Shortlisted)
SCAN Photobooks, Terragona/Spanien (Shortlisted)
The Photobookmarket at Encontros da Imagem, Braga/Portugal (Winner)
Photographvy Grant (Honorable Mention)

Kongress für Essstörungen / AKH, Wien (upcoming) 2018
Internationaler Kongress für Essstörungen / Alpbach, Tirol (upcoming) 2017
Les nuits de l’image / Musée de l‘Elysée, Lausanne (upcoming) 2017
Photobook Phenomenon (group) at CCCB Barcelona, Spain
(kuratiert von u.A. Martin Parr, Gary Badger, Erik Kessels, Moritz Neumüller) 2017
Photographing the Female(group) at FOCUS photo festival / Mumbai, India 2017
Circulation(s) Festival for Young European Photography, Paris, F, 2017
Unfolding Truth (group), Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, 2016

Elizabeth McGlynn

born in London, is an artist, art therapist and lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She studied at the Zurich University of the Arts, the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf und at Goldsmith’s College London. She works In the fields of art and therapy, visual art, art in social space and artistic research.

Harriet Vrana

is an academic psychotherapist. She heads the Section Eating Disorders within the Wiener Zentrum für Frauengesundheit (FEM). She also holds regular prevention and awareness workshops for young people.