The Friends of Edition Lammerhuber club

Dear friends of our books,

Our objective is to approach the perfect book, in a passionate process seeking for the ultimate quality, and to publish books with emotional intelligence.

In other words, we wish to create some of the best and most beautiful books in the world.

We heartily invite you to take part in this process and to become a member of the Friends of Edition Lammerhuber club.

Membership in this club will bring to you one copy of every published book before the official release date, in an exclusive, numbered edition signed by the authors. If you wish so, your book will come to you with a personal dedication. In appreciation of your membership, you will receive once a year and free of charge a numbered and signed fine art print with a subject taken from our list.

Since exclusivity is part of our philosophy, the edition of our books is limited to respectively 250 NUMBERED COPIES for club members.
Consequently, the Friends of Edition Lammerhuber club will be limited to a maximum of 250 members.

Upon previous notification by an e-mail providing details on the subject, the date of issue and the price, our latest release will be sent to you automatically. The publisher will bear the delivery charge.

The membership is free of charge and may be terminated by phone or e-mail at any time and with immediate effect.

Club newsletters issued on a regular basis will furnish further information.


Please enter your details in this form and click on SEND. We are very pleased to welcome you as a member of the Friends of Edition Lammerhuber Club.