06.11.2013   Alfred Fried Photo Award 2013

In honour of Alfred Fried, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911, the Photographische Gesellschaft and Edition Lammerhuber have offered five Fried Award medals to mark the world’s best photographs on the theme of ‘Peace with Nature’.

These were awarded to

Pierre Adenis for his work Karakorum
Henning Bode for Gottfried
Lioba Anna Keuck for Couve e Couragem
Marcus Reichmann for A place to be
Fabian Weiß for Wolfskinder.

Silvia Lammerhuber, managing director of Edition Lammerhuber, and Werner Sobotka, president of the Photographische Gesellschaft, presented the main prize, worth 5,000 euros, to Henning Bode.

‘Es geht um das auf den Kühen liegen’ (It’s about lying on the cows). From the volume Gottfried by Henning BODE, the main prize winner. 

Georg Schreiber’s work Embryonale Strandruhe (Embryonic rest on the beach) received a special award.
In his spirited eulogy, Peter Matthias Gaede pleaded for “thematizing successful outcome, not just failure.” He saw the Fried Award a vehicle for lending allure to the inconspicuous. “And future photography is to make viewers fall in love with it as well as shudder – a quite daring aim of the Afred Fried Photo Award. We need to fall in love with photography, so that we do not amble through life with lips pursed, too unencouraged, too cynical. We need it so we can believe that it is still possible to change this world.“

A highly qualified international jury, made up of 
Eric Falt, Assistant Director-General, UNESCO; France
Peter Matthias Gaede, Editor-in-chief, GEO; Germany
Gerhard Hinterleitner, Managing Director, ASAblanca Media; Austria
Lois Lammerhuber, Publisher, Edition Lammerhuber; Austria
Erich Lessing, Photographer, Magnum; Austria
Peter Lindhorst, Director, Freelens Galerie Hamburg; Germany
Klaus Lorbeer, Editor-in-chief, Foto Objektiv; Austria
Reinhold Lopatka, State Secretary for European and International Affairs; Austria
Gerd Ludwig, Photographer, GEO, National Geographic; USA
Pascal Maitre, Photographer, GEO, National Geographic; France
Rolf Nobel, Professor of Photography, Hochschule Hannover; Germany
Walter Schels, Photographer, Freie Akademie der Künste in Hamburg; Germany
Werner Sobotka, President, PHG; Austria

chose not only the award-winning pictures but also those 50 photographers who will show one picture each in the Alfred Fried Photo Award 2013 Exhibition as a best-of all submissions within the Photo+Adventure on 16 and 17 November 2013. (The pictures can be found here.) 

Guest of honour at the award ceremony was Erich Lessing, the 90-year-old doyen of Austrian photography. Eminent actor Robert Reinagl recited the original Nobel Prize Speech of Jørgen Gunnarsson Løvland to Alfred Fried. Photographer Lois Lammerhuber, who created the Alfred Fried Photo Award jointly with Werner Sobotka, was the charming MC for a very special celebration of photography in the great hall of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The audience applauded the award winners enthusiastically. In future the Alfred Fried Photo Award will always be presented on 21 September, the day the UN declared International Day of Peace in its resolution 36/67.

Pictures of the event:

  • Lois Lammerhuber. Erich Lessing
  • Christiane Breustedt (GEO), Silvia Lammerhuber
  • Henning Bode, Fabian Weiß, Marcus Reichmann
  • Werner Sobotka
  • Werner Sobotka,  Lois Lammerhuber
  • Burgschauspieler Robert Reinagl
  • Pierre Adenis, Gerhard Hinterleitner
  • Henning Bode, Klaus Lorbeer
  • Erich Lessing
  • Lioba Anna Keuck, Erich Lessing
  • Marcus Reichmann, Peter-Matthias Gaede
  • Peter-Matthias Gaede
  • Marcus Reichmann
  • Marcus Reichmann, Peter-Matthias Gaede
  • Georg Schreiber, Werner Sobotka
  • Georg Schreiber
  • Lois Lammerhuber
  • Fabian Weiß,  Lois Lammerhuber
  • Fabian Weiß
  • Silvia Lammerhuber
  • Lois Lammerhuber, Silvia Lammerhuber, Henning Bode, Werner Sobotka
  • Werner Sobotka, Lois Lammerhuber
  • Pierre Adenis, Gerhard Hinterleitner, Silvia Lammerhuber, Lioba Anna Keuck, Peter-Matthias Gaede, Werner Sobotka, Fabian Weiß, Henning Bode, Marcus Reichmann, Georg Schreiber, Klaus Lorbeer, Lois Lammerhuber
  • Lois Lammerhuber, Fabian Weiß
  • Lois Lammerhuber, Silvia Lammerhuber, Henning Bode, Werner Sobotka
  • Pierre Adenis, Gerhard Hinterleitner
  • Klaus Lorbeer, Henning Bode
  • Lioba Anna Keuck, Erich Lessing
  • Marcus Reichmann, Peter-Matthias Gaede
  • Georg Schreiber, Werner Sobotka