POY Best Photography Book Award 2014

Great honours at the oldest and most prestigious photojournalist competition in the world: the volume The Long Shadow of Chernobyl by well-known photographer Gerd Ludwig won him the Best Photography Book Award at the Pictures of the Year International (POYI) competition.

Established in Columbia, Missouri, in 1944, POYI’s global competition sets standards in documentary photography, photojournalism and multimedia. The best photojournalistic works out of 48,000 entries from 70 countries were selected for the awards.

More on POYi and the list of winners:

The winning book was published by Edition Lammerhuber in June 2014. Its spectacular and mesmerizing images give us a sharp taste of the biggest nuclear disaster in history and its consequences for the people. Within the last 20 years, National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig has visited Chernobyl nine times. And he has ventured further than any other photographer into the ‘belly’ of reactor #4, which will soon disappear under a gigantic New Safe Confinement. In an accompanying essay, Mikhail Gorbachev reflects on the significance of the events at Chernobyl.

This book is a priceless documentary, not least in the light of the latest nuclear disaster, at Fukushima, 25 years after Chernobyl.

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