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German American Gerd Ludwig is one of the leading documentary photographers of our time. His work in Chernobyl is considered a milestone in modern photojournalism. Support on Kickstarter…

After embarking on numerous arduous journeys into the Exclusion Zone and sharing his photographic endeavors through the photo book ‘The Long Shadow of Chernobyl’ (Edition Lammerhuber), he believed his work there was complete. However, the brutal Russian attack on Ukraine not only drew attention to Chernobyl for all the wrong reasons but also stirred up dormant radioactive materials, reinforcing the apprehensions that nuclear disasters like Chernobyl have no end.

© Gerd Ludwig

Gerd now plans on taking his cameras back to the highly contaminated areas in and around the Chernobyl Reactor to document the next chapter of the world’s worst nuclear disaster to date. He will report on the damage caused by the brief Russian invasion and provide updated coverage on the cleanup efforts inside the New Safe Confinement, the highly contaminated areas below it, and the ghost town of Pripyat.

© Gerd Ludwig

Additionally, Gerd intends to meet with the last surviving liquidators who risked their lives assisting in the cleanup of the disaster and spend time again with children cared for by organizations like Chernobyl Children International, as well as elderly returnees who, undeterred by radiation, chose to spend their remaining days on their native soil.

© Gerd Ludwig

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Your contributions will play a crucial role in preserving the intricate narrative of Chernobyl. They will help finance the necessary equipment and logistics for this important endeavor, raise awareness about the ongoing risks posed by the careless handling of nuclear power, and give voice to those who continue to bear the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

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Gerd is not only a personal friend of mine for many years, but also one of the photographers that I really admire for what they have been able to achieve in making our society aware of very complex socio-economic and political events.

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