Highly successful Kickstarter for The Distance Between Us

Edition Lammerhuber and crowd funding – a success story.

This is the first time we have asked for support with a book project on Kickstarter. The campaign for the volume The Distance Between Us was a resounding success.

542 backers responded to our call for support with the book project. The campaign ran from 15 August to 15 September 2013. 

Our aim of raising $ 16,000 was exceeded to more than double this amount in this period. There was a broad range of options to support the project, backers could pledge amounts from $ 20 to $ 6,500. What the backers got in return was just as varied: personal postcards from the next road trip of the brothers, signed copies of The Distance Between Us, signed fine art prints from the book or Skype conversations with Chris and Nick Capozziello.

We were especially pleased with the response of the international media, which was simply overwhelming. The New York Times, the Daily Mail and The Guardian are just some of the papers who reported on the captivating story of the brothers.

Some media responses:
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