Frank Mehring

is Professor of American Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen. His research focuses on the intersection of art, culture and politics in transatlantic exchange. Among the numerous publications on the soft power of the Marshall Plan in photographs, films and exhibitions, his monograph The Democratic Gap (Winter, 2014) on the American promise of democracy in German emigration history received the European Rob Kroes Award. In his latest work, Frank Mehring is dedicated to the life and work of the German-American artist Winold Reiss (Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2022). But Mehring’s contribution is not limited to academic circles. As an Americanist and honorary director of the Forum Arenacum museum, he is actively involved in building bridges between university and society. He is particularly committed to projects that use music and art as a key to opening up new perspectives on history and transnational cultures of remembrance to young people.

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