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I LOVE AFRICA - Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2018new

Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2018 
29 x 29 cm
74 pages
35 photos
English, German
ISBN 978-3-903101-71-5 
June 2019

  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018
  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018
  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018
  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018
  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018
  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018
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  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018
  • © Gerd Ludwig 2018

I LOVE AFRICA - Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2018

EVELYN SCHLAG and GERD LUDWIG were invited by the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2018 to interpret the exhibitions as artists in residence. They had completely free rein in their artistic expression. They used this freedom in a creative way and have created a poetically visual, highly personal monument to the festival. Gerd Ludwig’s pictures capture the special atmosphere of a whole town transforming itself for four months into an open-air gallery. They show the enthusiasm of the visitors and the subtle design of the exhibitions in public spaces. Evelyn Schlag’s poems reflect and interpret the themes of the exhibitions in an imaginative literary form.
Sape la Société des 
Ambianceurs et des 
Personnes Elégantes
ist die Gesellschaft für das 
Feiern und die Eleganz.
Manieren, Eleganz und
Liebe zum Detail sind
unser code d’honneur.
Wir tragen keine Waffen,
posieren nicht für Politik.
Friedlich ist der Wettkampf,
den wir pflegen - flash flash
mein Etikett, flash flash das
deine – und kein Schweiss
in den designten Achseln.
The book is sponsored by CEWE.


Evelyn Schlag

writes poetry, prose and essays. Her work has earned her numerous awards, lately the Österreichischer Kunstpreis für Literatur 2015 and the Hay Festival Medal for Poetry 2018. She entertains highly emphatic relations with the world she describes and gives her words fairly free rein. This results in a recklessness in her language that surprises and seduces the reader.

Gerd Ludwig

is an internationally renowned photographer and has been working primarily for National Geographic Magazine since 1989. His focus on environmental issues and the socio-economic changes following the dissolution of the Soviet Bloc resulted in his ten-year retrospective exhibition and book, Broken Empire: After the Fall of the USSR, published in 2001 by National Geographic in the US, Germany and Korea. His ongoing coverage of post-Soviet Russia has earned him the distinction of being the world’s foremost color photographer documenting the region. He has received numerous awards, including the 2006 Lucie Award for International Photographer of the Year, the 2014 German Society for Photography (DGPh)’s prestigious Dr. Erich Salomon Award, and in 2015 he received the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism. His homepage: www.gerdludwig.com