LEDITION LAMMERHUBEROne Eyeland Awards 2014: Photography Book Publisher of the Year



Dear Enthusiast of beautiful and intelligent books,

“Outstanding photographic quality, the fusion of creative ideas with technically perfect realization and the thematic breadth of the books,” these were the reasons listed by the jury of the FEP European Photo Book of the Year Awards 2013 for choosing Edition Lammerhuber as Europe’s best photo book publisher.

Within just four years and with a steadily growing list of titles, publishers Silvia and Lois Lammerhuber have made it to the top.

“We want to create unusual print products, books on fascinating topics from art and science. Human creativity is our central theme. Excellent photographers and congenial authors, who share a passion for working towards the perfect book in an ardent creative effort. Some critics like to call these books works of art from a ‘book cabinet of wonder’.”

The thematic range of Edition Lammerhuber covers the big museums of the world – the Paris Louvre, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar or the Natural History Museum Vienna – but also includes the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN centre in Geneva. Lois Lammerhuber has gone behind the scenes of the Vienna State Opera to explore aspects of theatre production in eight volumes to date, from Metamorphosen, Creation, Celebration, Closeup,  Passion,  [E]Motion and Glamour, to On Stage, a volume on stagecraft, published in March 2014. The breadth of themes does not end there: In A 21st Century Garden, Scientist of the Year 2013,  vegetation ecologist Georg Grabherr, writes about his domestic garden; in Art for Peace, Lois Lammerhuber has found an idiosyncratic way to present the art collection of the UNESCO Headquarter in Paris.

Almost all books of Edition Lammerhuber, which are distributed in more than 170 countries across the world, are published in two, sometimes three, languages and nearly all of them have won prizes and other accolades. In 2014, five books were among the winners of the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis: Silver 2014 went to The Distance Between Us – a volume by US photographer Christopher Capozziello bringing together pictures, taken over 15 years, of his twin brother Nick, who suffers from cerebral palsy – and to Wolfskinder, a book by Fabian Weiß who created sensitive portraits of adolescents within the German youth welfare system. The books Matthias Cremer – 25 Jahre DER STANDARD, an anniversary celebration of the Austrian daily paper derStandard by photographer Mathias Cremer; EPHESOS – The Beauty of Destruction by Scientist of the Year 2011, archaeologist Sabine Ladstätter,  and GLAMOUR, a portrait of the magic world of the Vienna State Opera costume department by Lois Lammerhuber, were awarded the designation Nominated 2014.

The latest, very prestigious, award – the Golden Cube – by the Art Directors Club New York, in April 2014, went to The Distance between Us.

Before that, in March 2014, publisher and photographer Lois Lammerhuber received a personal recognition by the Republic of Austria. He was decorated with the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, First Class, one of the highest accolades the Republic of Austria bestows for services to art and science.

“Photo books and photography are an essential medium for the human memory and also for our publishing house. It follows that we think it essential to support young photographic talent,” Lois Lammerhuber declared.

In 2012 Edition Lammerhuber endowed the Lammerhuber Photography Award with a prize money of 5,000 euros, awarded to young photojournalists at the biannual LUMIX Festival in Hannover.

In 2013 Edition Lammerhuber co-founded the Alfred Fried Award for the best photograph on the theme of peace. It is also worth 5,000 euros and presented annually in Vienna.

The 2014 list of Edition Lammerhuber titles promises powerful images on key themes with a social and political focus:

Twenty-eight years after the accident at Chernobyl and three years after the Fukushima disaster comes the book The Long Shadow of Chernobyl by National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig, who ventured further into the ill-fated reactor #4 than any other photographer to document the biggest nuclear catastrophe to date and its impact on the people. Mikhail Gorbachev supplied an essay for this volume.

IN/VISIBLE presents a photographic project by Ann-Christine Woehrl, who has spent several years in different countries talking to women who have survived acid and fire attacks within their social circle. In her sensitive portraits the photographer manages to bring out the beauty and self-confidence of women who are in danger of being destroyed by their wounds. And in doing this she makes these women visible again for society.

In BUFFALO BALLAD the well-known photographer couple Heidi & Hans-Jürgen Koch trace the spirit and myth of the bison as it returns to the expanse of the American prairie.

A special highlight can be expected of WE THE CHILDREN, a book produced in cooperation with UNICEF and GEO on the situation of children across the world. Twenty-five years ago the UN Convention on Children’s Rights was passed. The document made the whole world aware of the rights of children and has triggered many concrete improvements, yet much remains to be done. For Edition Lammerhuber it is an opportunity to return the topic to the centre of societal awareness. At the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair. Edition Lammerhuber will have the honour to welcome UNICEF Germany. The cooperation enjoys the support of the Foreign Office, the City of Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Book Fair. The book WE THE CHILDREN is published pro bono in aid of UNICEF Germany.

Kind regards
Silvia Lammerhuber and Lois Lammerhuber


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