02.10.2013   Promotion Award of the BFF Association for Wolfskinder

The book Wolfskinder is one of the winners of the Promotion Award 2013, set up by the German Association of Freelance Photographers, which will be presented on 10 January 2014 in Stuttgart. More

06.11.2013   Alfred Fried Photo Award 2013

In honour of Alfred Fried, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911, the Photographische Gesellschaft and Edition Lammerhuber have offered five Fried Award medals to mark the world’s best photographs on the theme of ‘Peace with Nature’.


03.10.2013   Edition Lammerhuber at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair

Please come and see us. We will entertain you.
Visit us in Hall 4.1 at our stall number L56.

08.10.2013   Nobel laureates in physics 2013: Peter Higgs und Francois Englert

The book on the theme from Edition Lammerhuber: LHC - Large Hadron Collider. More

03.10.2013   Highly successful Kickstarter for The Distance Between Us

Many thanks to all backers who supported us on Kickstarter. Your support has made producing the volume The Distance Between Us possible.  More

09.10.2013   Chris and Nick Capozziello at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Photos of the book presentation "The Distance Between Us" at the stall of Edition Lammerhuber at Frankfurt Book Fair 2013. More

21.10.2013   Chris and Nick Capozziello live at Connecticut Public Radio

06.11.2013   Alfred Fried Photo Award: 50 Best Photographs

The Alfred Fried Photo Award ceremony on 5 November 2013 in the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna also included a presentation of those 50 photographers who will be showing one picture each in the exhibition accompanying the Alfred Fried Photo Award 2013 as a best-of all submissions at the Photo+Adventure on 16 and 17 November 2013. 


05.11.2013   Brilliant double book presentation in the Ephesos Museum

On 5 November, two new photographic volumes were presented at the Ephesos Museum in Vienna. In Ephesos – Der Reiz der Zerstörung (Ephesos - The Beauty of Destruction) and Die Katzen von Ephesos (Cats of Ephesos) director of excavations, Dr. Sabine Ladstätter, and eminent photographer and publisher, Lois Lammerhuber, brought a fascinating angle to the many facets of the site that is steeped in tradition. “The two volumes are strong messengers of the archaeological dig, in short: a dazzling site in glossy representation,” said minister for science and research, Karlheinz Töchterle, at the event which attracted about 250 guests. More

18.11.2013   Book presentation '25 Jahre DER STANDARD' in the Austrian parliament

On 18 November 2013 the volume Matthias Cremer - 25 Jahre DER STANDARD was presented in a room of the Austrian parliament. After the welcoming address by the presiding officer of the Austrian parliament, Barbara Prammer, the editor of the Standard newspaper, Oscar Bronner, publisher Lois Lammerhuber and author Gregor Auenhammer presented photographer Matthias Cremer and his momentous oeuvre that spans 25 years of contemporary Austrian history.