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Beate and Thomas Jorda,
Silvia and Lois Lammerhuber
17 × 23,5 cm
ca. 170 pages
ca. 100 photos
and also historical photo material
Hardcover,  bound in linen,
„French Fold“-jacket
ISBN 978-3-903101-70-8
November 2019

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On 16 February 1919, for the first time, women in Austria were allowed to vote and to be elected. Eight female representatives entered the Constituent National Assembly on 4 March, equivalent to five percent of members. A feeble start for a development that, despite many setbacks in the course of the past 100 years, afforded women more and more rights and opportunities, particularly since the 1970s. The look back on the often bitter struggles for equal rights is thus even more of an outlook for the future, when much remains to be improved. And will improve, because women are stronger. Their objective is leaving behind traditional roles for practised equality. By looking at special, often little known, women this book traces a path up to our times and opens up an outlook for the future.


Beate Jorda

is a teacher, author of two books as well as initiator and chairwoman of the association frauenzimmer, which promotes the creation of a women’s museum in Baden. 

Lois Lammerhuber

is a photographer and publisher. His close collaboration with GEO Magazine started in 1984, continues to this day, and has greatly influenced his approach to photography. His pictures have been published in hundreds of books and magazines and earned him international awards, including three times the Graphis Photo Awards for the world’s best photo report of the year. He joined the Art Directors Club New York in 1994. In 1996 he set up Edition Lammerhuber publishing house. In 2014 he received the Republic of Austria’s Cross of Honour, First Class, for Science and Art, followed in 2017 by the Golden Medal of Honour for Services to the City of Vienna, the Prize for Special Merit for Representative and Media Art by the City of Baden and the Grand Medal of Honour for Services to the Province of Lower Austria. In 2018 he became Director of the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo.

Silvia Lammerhuber

is managing director of Edition Lammerhuber and, together with photographer Lois  Lammerhuber, in charge of the Alfred Fried Photography Award and the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo.

Thomas Jorda

is deputy editor-in-chief of the daily NÖ Nachrichten and its chief editor for arts and media, director of the NÖN Academy and in charge of the series NÖN EDITION Geschichte. He has written eight books and two libretti. Thomas Jorda is co-founder of the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo.