Xavier Zimbardo
24 × 30 cm
208 pages
127 photos
English, German, French
Hardcover, bound in linen, 
„French Fold“-jacket
ISBN 978-3-903101-38-8
September 2019


The great Charles Baudelaire called Delacroix a poet painter, just as Chopin is often called a poet musician. Zimbardo’s pictures justify describing him as a poet photographer or, more precisely, as a painter photographer. Not only is he close to Delacroix and Matisse, but also to the painters of American abstract Expressionism, like de Kooning or Rothko. In Zimbardo’s work you find the same power of colours, the same simplicity of statement, the same will to entrance the viewer. His photographs remind you of high-ranking works of abstract painting. His way of looking through his viewfinder and capturing what the layman misses is the way of a visual artist, curious for everything, in the sense of Aristotle, for whom the world was the subject of continuous amazement.


Jean-Claude Lemagny

is a historian, former curator general of the French National Library and expert of contemporary photography. Lemagny is the author of La ­Photographie créative; L’Ombre et le Temps; La Matière, l’Ombre, la Fiction.

Michel Bohbot

is an art historian, expert of contemporary art, former director of the Galerie­ MAEGHT and a trusted friend of major contemporary artists. He lives in Paris and travels the world for museums and publishers.

Xavier Zimbardo

was born in France in 1955. He studied history, geography, literature and psychology at Paris University. He became a freelance photographer as an autodidact and travelled worldwide, working for many magazines. His love for India, where he learned pranayama yoga, goes back a long way. As an author he has undertaken personal researches into the metamorphosis of photographs through their degradation and erosion. He has published a dozen books in Europe and in the USA. His work is held in prestigious museums, such as the BNF (French National Library), the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP), the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston, and others. In 2006 he created PHOTSOC, an International Festival of Social Photography, in the poorest suburbs of Paris, to provide young authors with an opportunity to present their work. He teaches local associations to express their everyday life through the photographic medium. He joined Getty Images in 2011 and lives in Sarcelles near Paris.