What emerges is a unique panoptic of those who shaped 20th century image awareness and memory and furnished it with their pictures. Even they, masters of their profession, are photographed by Volker Hinz in revealing all-too-human moments. Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bernd Graff, 13.10.2015

Photographer Volker Hinz gathers the Who‘s Who of photography for the past 50 years in his volume In Love with Photography. GALA, 22.10.2015

Close up & personal. Superb! Der Standard / Album, Gregor Auenhammer, 24.10.2015

This time he looked for subjects through which to declare his love for his profession. The result is In Love with Photography, a 424-page volume of 371 photographs. In these pages Volker Hinz gathers portraits of photographers - his invisible heroes, practically always hidden behind their cameras. The pictures from nearly 50 years show individuals who shaped our perception of the world with their images: Ansel Adams and Richard Avedon, F. C. Gundlach and Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton and Irving Penn. Spiegel Online, 28.10.2015

The photographs have become modern classics. They are snapshots for eternity. Welt Kompakt, 19.11.2015

The photographers‘ photographer. Candida Höfer, Richard Avedon, Karl Lagerfeld and Andy Warhol are just some of the great camera artists portrayed and staged by Hinz in the pictures of this sumptuous volume. Vogue, December 2015

All these names that you know. All these faces that you hardly ever see – photographer Volker Hinz has portrayed hundreds of world-famous photographers. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Freddy Langer, 07.12.2015

In Love with Photography is not Hinz’ retrospective, he is still much too alert and too bold for that. Rather this book is a lesson in what the great Henri Cartier-Bresson once demanded: “Each one of us needs kid gloves and eagle eyes.” Stern.de , Jochen Siemens, 25.11.2015

It is his declaration of love for photography and a must for all lovers and collectors of photography. Viva, 26.11.2015

That is exactly Volker Hinz‘ secret: He is so in love with photography that he magically infects us all. AQ, Nikolaus Immanuel Köhler, November 2015

Collective memory had Volker Hinz labelled as the photographer of Stern magazine. And then he published In Love With Photography (Edition Lammerhuber, 2015), an awesome volume, a colossus weighing in at 4.5 kilogrammes, with 371 photographs, mainly portraits of colleagues that he admired, from Annie Leibowitz and Lee Miller to Helmut Newton, Ruth Bernard and Peter Lindbergh to Joel-Peter Witkin. Gathered over the last 40 years, these pictures bring out the other side of the photojournalist: Hinz the artist, ardent fan of the greats. VICE, Mathis Vogel, 02.12.2015

Stars, politicians, photographers, fashion designers: Volker Hinz has photographed them for 50 years. Many of his pictures, such as that of Beckenbauer and Pelé naked in the shower, have even become famous. A massive coffee-table book weighing four kilogrammes offers a glimpse into his huge archive. n-tv, Andrea Beu, 13.12.2015

He has composed a book by a photographer for photographers. In his portraits Hinz catches the artist behind the viewfinder, and they often casually embody their style. Old masters like André Kertesz present themselves with classic dignity, a war correspondent like James Nachtwey has a completely different take on the world from those of lifestyle greats Richard Avedon, Jürgen Teller, Martin Parr or Helmut Newton. Candida Höfer sits as in a painting, Andy Warhol stands around in a New York Club like a drugged alien. Leni Riefenstahl feels caught out as a little old woman in an alcove. Hinz exploits the fine line between posing and sincerity with virtuosity. Hamburger Abendblatt, Joachim Mischke, 17.12.2015

The volume, available as limited, numbered and signed edition of 1000 copies, certainly has the potential to become a special collector’s item. LFI, Leica Fotografie International, 01.01.2016