[E]MOTION Wiener Staatsballett backstage

Manuel Legris, Dominique Meyer
Photos: Lois Lammerhuber
24 x 32 cm, 308 pages, 230 photos
ISBN: 978-3-901753-52-7, February 2012

[E]MOTION Wiener Staatsballett backstage

For [E]MOTION, Manuel Legris and the dancers of the Vienna State Ballet entrusted themselves to photographer Lois Lammerhuber and permitted him to watch them during their training hours, settled between physical creativity and an almost Buddhistic discipline.

Lammerhuber could experience the incredible amount of passion it takes to study a piece of choreography the way it was pictured, how heavily bodies are and must be challenged well beyond the thresholds of pain, how much pain and sweat it takes to transform music into a motion work of art. Satisfaction is not a term considered; perfection beyond reach is at the same time incentive, way and goal – in other words, reaching for the stars.  
As a result, this book is a visual tale full of simpleness and grace, sometimes weighted down with doubt and sometimes radiant with joy, magical, touching, blunt, and intimate; full of amicable trust and danced moments of happiness, and full of wonderful and very personal emotions: a tribute to the dancers of the Vienna State Ballet.

Ballet Director Manuel Legris and Dominique Meyer, Director of the Vienna State Opera, provided the texts. According to Meyer, this book on ballet is unprecedented.