BAOBAB – Der Zauberbaum | L’arbre magique | The magic tree

One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017 SILVER
One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017 Photographer of the Year GOLD

Pascal Maitre
21 x 28 cm
112 pages 
50 photos
English, German, French  
Hardcover, bound in linen,
Laminated cover photo 
Japanese binding
June 2017

BAOBAB – Der Zauberbaum | L’arbre magique | The magic tree

"Pascal Maitre‘s beautiful photographs contained in this book illustrate how fascinating these unique and mythical trees are.“ Jacques Rocher, Honorary President of the Yves Rocher Foundation – Institut de France
The enormous trunk is fire-resistant, and the leaves are used to make medicine. The fruit called ‘monkey bread’ is edible and rich in vitamin C. The tree is able to store thousands of litres of water. Older trees are often hollow, offering shelter for humans and animals alike. Some of the trees are 1600 years old. BAOBAB is the work of one of the most extraordinary photographers of our times.



⁣Pascal Maitre

started his career as a photo journalist in 1979 in Paris. Today he is one of the world’s best photographers, working for prestigious magazines such as GEO, National Geographic, Le Figaro, or Paris Match. His photographs were shown at numerous exhibitions around the globe, including eight times at the photo festival Visa pour l’Image. Pascal Maitre worked as a photo journalist in more than 40 African countries, focussing on the fundamental themes of this inexhaustible continent: the African peoples and their ways of life, politics, conflicts, and traditions. In 2012, Maitre’s personal ‘best of’ selection was published by Edition Lammerhuber under the title Amazing Africa. And in 2017 he published BAOBAB.